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Graduate Spiritual Life

If you haven't discovered it already, you will soon find that Wheaton is more than an educational institution. It offers a meaningful blend of head and heart as people gather to study within the context of Christian community. The Wheaton College Graduate School is a rich mix of men and women studying a variety of disciplines from a wide variety of backgrounds, from the U.S. and throughout the world. Within this diversity there is a wonderful thread of faith in Christ Jesus that links us together and adds richness to life and study.

In addition, these links are strengthened by opportunities for worship, prayer, fellowship; as well as retreats and small group sharing that help create a sense of community and belonging. Our once a week Wednesday chapel service is the focal point of our spiritual life together. It offers a time to come away from the demands of study to a place of rest expressed in worship, prayer, and hearing God's Word shared by mentors and students alike.

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, some of this information is subject to change. The best way to receive up-to-date information is to reach out directly to the Chaplain's Office. Please email Chaplain Greg Anderson at greg.anderson@wheaton.edu or Student Chaplains, Genafine Bartoo at genafine.bartoo@my.wheaton.edu and/or Braeden Evert at braeden.evert@my.wheaton.edu. We would love to hear from you and learn how we can best be of service to you in the midst of all this upheaval.

Opportunities for Involvement

Grad Chapel Ministry Team

Students at Grad Chapel

Opportunities for involvement are available to students to serve on the Grad Chapel Ministry Team as musicians, prayer coordinators, Scripture readers, hospitality and food hosts, tech coordinators, set up and take down people, as well as artistic and creative worship volunteers. The Ministry Team welcomes the involvement of other graduate students similarly interested in investing in the spiritual life of the graduate community.

Student Chaplains

Graduate students Genafine Bartoo and Braeden Evert currently serve as student chaplains (10 hrs/wk), directly assisting Graduate School Chaplain, Dr. Greg Anderson, in the planning and execution of Graduate Chapel, and overseeing the recruitment and development of the Ministry Team. Graduate student chaplains serve for one year and must be enrolled for a semester or more in the Graduate School. Selection is based on an individual's spiritual maturity and their desire to develop ministry skills through service, and being mentored by the Graduate School Chaplain.

Student Ministries

Other student ministries on campus, such as Discipleship Small Groups and the Office of Christian Outreach, welcome graduate students to join them as well.

Local Church Directory

To find a local church, please visit our church directory.