Wheaton Center for Faith and Disability

For the body does not consist of one member, but many.

The Wheaton Center for Faith and Disability exists to provoke Biblical and ecumenical discourse on disability as it impacts schools, congregations, and families. Our vision is to empower long-lasting disciple-making movements with deep roots in the scriptures and in the diverse and beautiful body of the Messiah.

About Wheaton Center for Faith and Disability

By provoking fruitful conversations, training professionals and communities, and providing practical resources, we strive to ground disability discourse in the rich Biblical teachings of community, diversity, humility, and service. Our goal is to make disciples of all people.

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When schools, congregations, and families are unequipped to engage with disability, the entire community suffers. We believe that the body of Messiah is rich and complex, and that disability is a vital component of community life. Our goal is resource communities so that they are freed to fully embrace disability in education, worship, and family life.

 Girl in Wheelchair Smiling in School Classroom


Participate in our vision to transform schools across the globe through Scripture-centric special education.

Boy with Down's syndrome sitting on pew in church


Join us as we equip congregations to welcome and disciple all worshippers to be more like our Messiah.

Father in Wheelchair Hugging Young Son


Stand with families whose lives have been profoundly transformed by disability.

Resources for Wheaton Faculty

The Wheaton Center for Faith and Disability has many resources available for Wheaton faculty to use in their classrooms including instructional videos from some of today's top experts in the field. 

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