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Building Community in the Graduate School

At Wheaton College Graduate School, you are not only a student. You are also part of a vibrant, active community. From housing and dining to spiritual life and student care, we provide a supportive atmosphere in which to learn how to relate the eternal truths of God to a complex and changing world.

Wheaton College Graduate School is committed to providing an excellent educational experience both inside and outside the classroom. A great learning environment involves more than just your time in class. Housing & dining, spiritual life, employment, social life and resources for living well are all important components to your success while pursuing graduate studies at Wheaton.   

Graduate Student Life Staff

Grad Student Care team: Lesley, Mary, and Allison 

Allison Ash of Student Care

Allison Ash

Dean of Student Care and Graduate Student Life

Allison Ash is the Dean of Student Care and Graduate Student Life. She oversees all of student care for undergraduate and graduate students at Wheaton College, which includes Student Health Services, the Counseling Center, and Academic and Disability Services. Her role as Dean of Graduate Student Life includes overseeing the community life of the graduate school outside the classroom and advising the Graduate Student Council. 

Mary Yeboah international student lifeMary Yeboah

International Graduate Student Coordinator

As the International Graduate Student Coordinator, Mary provides programmatic, administrative, and immigration services to our international graduate students. She organizes programs and events that promote community within the international student body and offers information and advising services in order to best ease the transition of international life and travel. She also oversees the international graduate student liaisons who serve as mentors who walk alongside new international students and help facilitate their educational and personal development. Mary's primary role is to support and assist international graduate students with cross-cultural adjustment and enrichment throughout their academic career as they navigate life in the United States.

Lesley Washington Student lifeLesley Washington

Graduate Student Life Coordinator

In her role as Graduate Student Life Coordinator, Lesley is responsible for leading programmatic, administrative, and crisis intervention care for Wheaton College graduate students. She connects grad students with the College services and resources they may need as they navigate life in their grad programs. Lesley also leads the planning and coordination of the fall and spring graduate orientation events, the December Recognition Service, the Graduate Student Life week events in the spring, and other events throughout the school year. She serves as the administrator of the Graduate Student Life Facebook community and administers the Dine with a Mind program for grad students. Lesley enjoys working with grad students to help them get connected and feel supported during their time here at the Wheaton College Graduate School.

International Student Life

Graduate Student Life oversees the care and support for international graduate students.