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The Wheaton Center for Early Christian Studies fosters systematic study in the fields of Patristics and early Christian literature by engaging in sustained teaching, research, and publication related to the early Church.

The Center is located within the Department of Biblical & Theological Studies at Wheaton College, which offers B.A. degrees in Biblical & Theological Studies as well as Biblical Archaeology, M.A. degrees in History of Christianity and Theology, and a Ph.D. degree in Biblical & Theological Studies, including historical theology with an emphasis on early Christianity.

For more information and to receive updates: WCECS@wheaton.edu

Certificate in Early Christian Studies

The undergraduate  Certificate in Early Christian Studies is a 24 credit hour interdisciplinary certificate program designed to help students investigate historical and theological questions through the study of history, theology, literature, and worship.


News and updates about the Faculty Fellows and doctoral, graduate, and undergraduate students:

Dr. Susan Holman, who gave the 2015 Papatheofanis Lecture (watch lecture on YouTube), was recently awarded the 2016 Grawemeyer Award in religion for her book Beholden: Religion, Global Health and Human Rights >>.

Luis Joshua Salés '10, M.A. '10 (PhD candidate at Fordham) just published a new book on the Two Hundred Chapters on Theology by St. Maximus the Confessor >>

Dr. Amy Brown Hughes M.A. '08, Ph.D. '13 (Assistant Professor of Theology at Gordon College) published an article "The Legacy of the Feminine in the Christology of Origen of Alexandria, Methodius of Olympus, and Gregory of Nyssa" >> Vigiliae Christianae 69 (2015), 1-26.

Papers presented at the 17th International Conference on Patristic Studies at Oxford University, August 10–14, 2015: