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Innovation Scholars

The Innovation Scholars (IS) Program provides an opportunity for Wheaton students to engage directly with the work of the Wheaton Center for Faith & Innovation (CFI), receive practical training, and intersect with creative and energetic communities of Christians in the marketplace.

Through the IS program, Wheaton students gain unique entre into the Wheaton Center for Faith & Innovation (CFI) at its early stages.  Unlike most student leadership positions, Innovation Scholars meet and interact with marketplace leaders as a core aspect of their role.  They also have the opportunity to learn and use practical skills that will be useful at and beyond Wheaton such as web design, inbound and social media marketing, event promotion, event production, and data-collection and analysis.

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Innovation Scholars have the opportunity to join several teams

CFI student employees work in the CFI offices 5-10 hours a week.  These Innovation Scholar employees will engage with CFI behind the scenes and see how the center operates.

The Event Team helps planning and hospitality at the event).

  • Fall Executive Forum (fall) - CFI will host 50 CEOs other C-suite leaders in businesses and non profits this fall.  Innovation Scholars will play critical roles in this event.
  • Entrepreneurship Workshop (spring) - This spring, CFI will partner with Praxis Labs to host a multi-day training in redemptive entrepreneurship.  Innovation Scholars will be important leaders for this event.

CFI is hosting an expanding number of events on campus this year.  Our promo teams will be central in bringing these events to the forefront for the Wheaton community.

  • Print/poster team/Beamer table - this team will make sure the Wheaton Community knows what's happening and how to get involved
  • Social media - taking pictures and creating content at our events, this team will heighten Wheaton's awareness of the stories and lessons we're learning along the way

CFI will collect qualitative data at the Fall Executive Forum. Students on the market research team will receive training on data collection, analysis, and report writing & presentation. This is a great opportunity to work with an industry expert to create a consulting style report and learn how to transform data into insights and business solutions. 

Innovation Scholars will be expected to be available to participate in two of CFI’s annual events: the Fall Executive Forum (November 1) and the Entrepreneurship Workshop (February 7).  All scholars will receive executive hospitality and qualitative research training in connection with the Fall Executive Forum (training is scheduled for October 9, 3:30-6:00 pm) and other training as needed, depending on placement within the program. 

Applications are now open and due by 10/1/2019.  

 Reach out to Ben Norquist at benjamin.norquist@wheaton.edu with questions.

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