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Dean of Residence Life

The  Dean of Residence Life in the Student Development Office is responsible for the administration and management of the Residence Life program and staff, in addition to implementing the departmental Christ-centered vision being fostered in campus housing through caring relationships, service to others, and mutual accountability. Dr. Justin Heth, Dean of Residence Life, may be contacted at Justin.Heth@wheaton.edu.

Housing Services Office

The Housing Services Office is responsible for the student housing selection process, meal plan management, grad housing, room change requests and off-campus housing. The Housing Services Office may be contacted at housing.services@wheaton.edu or 630.752.5202.

Residence Life Office

The Residence Life office is responsible for summer and break housing. Contact the office at reslife@wheaton.edu or phone number: 630.752.5427.

Residence Directors

Residence Directors are professionally-educated full-time staff who live in the residence halls and provide services for leadership training, counseling, administration and participation in the personal development of students. They are available to students for friendship, counsel and help in all areas of college life.

Stephen Cartwright, Fischer RD

Kat Haase, Smith-Traber RD

Erika Grant, Upperclass Halls RD

Kristy McGarvey, Apartments and Houses

Graduate Resident Advisers

Graduate Resident Advisers are graduate students who live in the residence halls and assist the RDs in the management of the building, programming and leadership of the Resident Assistant (RA) team. They are also available to students for friendship, counsel and help in all areas of college life.
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Apartment/House Graduate Resident Advisers

Apartment/House Graduate Resident Advisers are graduate students who oversee campus houses and apartment complexes by building relationships with the residents and facilitating student safety and building maintenance. These students also assist a Student Development office.

Assistant Residence Directors

Assistant Residence Directors are former Resident Assistants who, as seniors, have an active role in the management, supervision and development of students and RAs in the residence hall where they live.

Resident Assistants

Resident Assistants are upper-class students (juniors or seniors) who live on each floor and are selected because of their desire and ability to serve fellow students. As a residence hall staff member, the RA serves as a floor manager, community builder, student leader, peer counselor and educator.