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About HoneyRock

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HoneyRock is Wheaton College's Outdoor Center For Leadership Development, as well as a fully-operational camp and retreat center.

A Unique Place

Located in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, HoneyRock is what we like to call “a place apart,” where people have a chance to get away from the distractions, noise and busyness of everyday life to a quiet place encompassed by God’s creation. Here we can begin building the character to be leaders, serve others, and face the challenges of life.

HoneyRock is unique because it serves as both a camp and a college campus. These programs work together, providing campers with the highest caliber of Christian leaders and giving students an invaluable chance to exercise newly-acquired skills and knowledge as camp leaders.

A Unique Approach

Our goal is to move campers and students alike through a process of leadership development that flows from leading self to leading others to leading leaders to leading organizations. Along the way we'll intentionally develop each participant's faith-based identity, relational maturity, emotional intelligence, critical thinking skills and cultural competence with an eye toward equipping students of all ages for greater influence in the world for Christ.

A Unique Camp

For Youth

HoneyRock is unparalleled in the world of Christian camping because it is owned by Wheaton College and transformational discipleship is at the heart of our mission. As an extension of the College, we offer an exceptional Christian camping and learning environment with singular benefits:

  • Passionate college students serve as high-quality counselors and group leaders.
  • Wheaton College professors assess programs and guide staff in areas of psychology, Christian education, physical education, and Bible and theology.
  • Professional staff of Wheaton College coordinate health services, risk management, legal, financial, and human resource departments.

Beyond simply "summer camp," the HoneyRock experience is undergirded by the solid educational foundation of Wheaton College, and develops the whole person in a way that is permanent and life changing.

Find out more about HoneyRock camp for your student.

For Families and Retreat Groups

HoneyRock serves the church through opportunities for families to get away for some quality "unplugged" time together.  Cabins are available to rent year round. We host a special Family Weekend retreat dedicated to families on Columbus Day weekend, October 7-10.

We also offer a variety of  retreat options for churches and other groups. Our staff will even help you tailor a program schedule and activities for your group any time of the year.

A Unique College

As the Outdoor Center for Leadership Development of Wheaton College, HoneyRock provides a incomparable setting for undergraduate and graduate students to test their learning in the crucible of hands-on ministry and community life. The informal, distraction-free, natural environment gives opportunities for deep interaction with professors, peers, course content and creation.

At HoneyRock:

  • “class” never ends
  • professors are more guides than lecturers
  • learning is immediately applied in ministry and service
  • fellow students are collaborators in learning, not competitors

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