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Sexual Misconduct Response and Prevention

Wheaton is committed to establishing and maintaining a safe and healthy environment for all members of the community. An important part of this commitment is the provision of comprehensive sexual assault response and prevention resources.

The goal of campus life at Wheaton College is to live, work, serve, and worship together as an educational community centered around the Lord Jesus Christ. Along with the privileges and blessings of membership in such a community come responsibilities. The members of the Wheaton College campus community take these responsibilities seriously (see the Wheaton College Community Covenant).

One of these responsibilities is to establish and maintain a safe and healthy social environment for all members of the community that honors the Lord Jesus Christ and God’s vision for human sexuality. God’s vision for sexuality affirms the dignity and purity of all persons. Sexual harassment and assault are behaviors outside of God’s vision for human sexuality that cause pain and suffering. They are also unacceptable behaviors that grieve God’s heart and members of the Wheaton College community.

Wheaton College takes sexual assault very seriously, and has developed a comprehensive definition and policy related to sexual harassment and assault. We provide resources for prevention, support, education, as well as a fair conduct process to care for the members of our community.

Title IX Coordinators/Discrimination Complaint Officers

Wheaton College’s Title IX Coordinators/Discrimination Complaint Officers are responsible for implementing and monitoring Title IX Compliance on behalf of the College. This includes coordination of training, education, communications, and administration of the Complaint Resolution Procedures for the handling of suspected or alleged violations of this Policy.

The Title IX Coordinators and their contact information are as follows:

Title IX Coordinator and Director of Equity Investigations - Diane Padilla

Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Students - Carrie Williams

Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Employees - Karen Tucker


Wheaton College complies with the following:

Wheaton's Policy and Complaint Resolution Procedures