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Take a class and still have a summer with WIN

Every summer, HoneyRock offers a variety of courses that meet Christ at the Core and General Education requirements of Wheaton College. These courses, which are open to any student, are taught in a modular and intensive format. The sessions include concentrated coursework taught by professors at HoneyRock and include pre-class and post-class work. Professors will use the outdoors, the community dynamic, and other activities to enhance your learning experience.

WIN 2020 Course Offerings

WIN 1: May 16-29, 2020

  • IR 155 Comparative Politics, Dr. Tim Taylor (4) GP, SI
  • PHIL 222 Souls and Brains, Dr. Adam Wood (4) PI, SIP
  • BITH 211 Old Testament Literature and Interpretation, Dr. Michael Graves (4) OT
  • BITH 213 New Testament Literature and Interpretation, Dr. Chris Vlachos (4) NT
  • BITH 315 Christian Thought, Dr. Vince Bacote (4) CT
  • CORE 300 Boundary Waters, Dr. Matthew Milliner (4) AIS, DUS, VPAV (7 Student Cap)
  • CORE 319 Philosophy and Tragedy, Dr. Ryan Kemp (4) AIS, PI, LE
  • ART 260 Mosaics, Dr. Leah Samuelson (3)
  • CFM 353 Leadership and Human Systems, Dr. Rob Ribbe (2) LeadCert

WIN 2: May 30 - June 12, 2020

  • HIST 103 The Civil Rights Movement, Dr. Karen Johnson (4) DUS, HP
  • PHIL 251 Global Justice, Dr. David Fletcher (4) PI, GP
  • CORE 3XX Nature's Beauty, Dr. Bob O'Connor (4) AIS, PI, SIP *Pending Approval
  • BITH 213 New Testament Literature and Interpretation, Dr. Carlos Sosa (4) NT
  • BITH 315 Christian Thought (4) CT
  • CFM 241 Leadership Development, Dr. Rob Ribbe (4) LeadCert

WIN 2020 Course Descriptions

Cost Per Credit: $675/credit - most courses are 2 or 4 credits
Room and Board: $150/week
Transportation: $50/way (optional!)

To Sign Up: Registration Opens January 1, 2020

  1. Create an account* and sign up for your WIN course(s)
  2. Reserve your spot with a $50 deposit
  3. Receive instructions on how to register through Banner

*If you have already created a HoneyRock account for Passage or another WIN course, no need to create a new account - just log in!

During your free time there will be activity areas open for your use: swimming, canoeing, kayaking, waterskiing, climbing, mountain biking, archery, and more! You can also choose to take part in planned large group events like ultimate frisbee and campfires.

We do have a small workout facility with weight machines and other equipment.

You will be housed in our River Cabins. You will have a bunk and will share your living space with 8-10 people. These buildings have modern bathrooms in each room.

Our kitchen staff prepare three meals a day for the HoneyRock community. We offer a wide variety of foods and can accommodate special diets when advanced notice is given. 

You can drive your personal car, carpool with friends, or ride a coach bus! We provide transportation to and from Wheaton for $50 each way. You can sign up for transportation when you register.

I felt really encouraged to engage with the material because I had the space to learn new things with a specific group of people. Between class time, studying, and outdoor activities, I spent a lot of time with a small group of people, which helped me to engage in the learning. — From the 2018 WIN Evaluation