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M.A. in Ministry and Leadership Curriculum

As cultural changes accelerate, we need ministry leaders who can make disciples who are pursuing Jesus’ mission in the world. The M.A. in Ministry and Leadership requires 42 hours of course work and is built with three core competency areas to train those type of leaders. 

Mission Core

The mission core is designed to train ministry leaders to be change agents for the Church and society and lead churches that grow through conversion.  

EVAN 526 Gospel: Theological Perspectives (4)  
EVAN 542 Church: Movements and Models (4)  
EVAN 545 Culture: Emerging and Global (4)

Bible and Theology Core

The Bible and Theology core is designed to ground ministry leaders with a strong biblical, evangelical foundation so they can thoughtfully engage the world for Christ. 

BITH 533 Exploring the Old Testament (4) 
BITH 555 Exploring the New Testament (4) 
BITH 565 Christian Theology (4)  
BITH 566 Foundations for Biblical Interpretation (4)  

Leadership Core

The Leadership core is designed to help ministry leaders effectively lead organizations, themselves, and others, using their influence to transform the people and communities around them. 

MIN 547 Preaching (2) 
MIN 559 Organizational and Change Leadership in Ministry (4)  
MIN 558 Personal Development and Leadership in Ministry (4)  
MIN 561 Congregational Leadership: Worship, Discipleship, and Care (4) 
MIN 692 Comprehensive Exam (0)