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M.A. in Global Leadership - Outdoor Ministry Track

M.A. in Global Leadership - Outdoor Ministry Track

Why Pursue an M.A. in Global Leadership - Outdoor Ministry Track?

The Master of Arts in Global Leadership at Wheaton College exists to equip you with knowledge, spiritual understanding, and skills to lead in a culturally diverse world. The Outdoor Ministry track focuses on those already leading experiential programs in colleges, churches, and camps globally, who desire to grow in their leadership and practice. This degree is also ideal for professionals in other vocations, who are looking to transition into leadership positions in ministry with youth and emerging adults.

Credits to Degree
Flexible Learning
Countries Where Graduate School Alumni Serve

In pursuit of our mission, the MAGL offers you the opportunity to: 

  • Learn evidence-based leadership research
  • Elevate your leadership capacity to serve the world
  • Amplify your passion with a community of like-minded leaders
  • Dive into the Bible to sharpen your vocational calling
  • Equip yourself with in-demand leadership skills
  • Realign your life with Christ at the center

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Program Distinctives

In our increasingly connected world, the demand for visionary, culturally intelligent, and value-driven leaders is ever-growing. The M.A. in Global Leadership - Outdoor Ministry Track is designed to raise a new generation of Christ-centered experiential leaders in camps, conferences, churches, and beyond. This is a unique leadership program that combines evidence-based leadership research, biblical engagement, and practical skill development. Some of the core skills that you will gain include:

  • Cross-cultural communication skills
  • Strategic thinking and analytical skills
  • Multicultural team management skills
  • Change management skills
  • Theology and practice of outdoor ministry

We believe effective leadership requires three foundations:

  • Knowledge of evidence-based leadership research and theory
  • Spiritual maturity to discern truth and practice grace
  • Skills for enabling others to see and create a better future together

The M.A. in Global Leadership - Outdoor Ministry Track is designed to holistically elevate students’ leadership capacity by building on all three foundations with a global impact in mind. In this program, you will learn from globally renowned scholars as well as real-world experts from organizational and outdoor ministry contexts.

M.A. in Global Leadership - Outdoor Ministry Track students are able to continue working in their current vocations while completing the program in a flexible learning format. The courses are all offered in modular (1- to 2-week long intensives), hybrid (mix of online with 1- to 2-day residential sessions), or online formats. To accommodate busy schedules at work, students may take an average of 8 credit hours per semester and complete the degree in three years. 

Find more information such as curriculum, links to the catalog, faculty information, and program overview for the M.A. in Global Leadership.

Learn more about the Admission Requirements to apply for the M.A. in Global Leadership - Outdoor Ministry Track.


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