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Financing Your Wheaton Education

An investment in Wheaton is an investment in your future. The Student Financial Services team is here to help make your Wheaton education affordable. Learn more about the cost of tuition, plus available scholarships and loans, and check out our new academic and merit scholarships available starting fall 2019!

Announcing New Scholarships for Fall 2019



View and Accept Your Financial Aid Award

Find step-by-step instructions for viewing your financial aid award. More >

Apply for Financial Aid

Find instructions and priority deadlines for applying for financial aid. More >

Financial Aid Forms

Downloadable forms for specific situations. More >

Scholarships and Aid

Find information about need-based aid, merit awards and other aid. More >

Providing Tax Information

Find help with providing income tax information, if requested.  More >

Links to Outside Resources

Find helpful information regarding tax benefits, FAFSA, and more. More >

Loan Information Links

Find help with loan entrance/exit counseling, master promissory notes and more. More >


Applying for Graduate Aid

See the steps you need to take to apply for graduate financial aid. More >

Graduate School Costs for Financial Aid

Find a chart here for cost-of-attendance budgets for the graduate school. More >

Graduate Financial Aid Forms

Downloadable forms for specific situations. More >

Other Financial Aid Options

There are many possibilities when it comes to financing your education at Wheaton. More >


Scholarship and aid options available to help you finance your graduate education. More >

Billy Graham Center Scholarship Program

If you are a Christian ministry leader, you may qualify for this scholarship. More >


Several loan programs are available to help you finance your education. More >

Loan Information Links

There are many outside agencies that can help you with financial aid. More >

Students Studying at Buswell Library

Review our financial aid tips and find answers to frequently asked questions.