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Mandarin Chinese

With well over one billion speakers, Mandarin Chinese is the most widely spoken language in the world. China, in turn, occupies a unique status in the 21st century as the center of an ancient civilization that is also an increasingly dominant power in global economics and politics.


Dr. Ryken Learns Chinese from Wheaton College on Vimeo.

Mandarin Language at Wheaton College

Artist's sealMandarin instruction at Wheaton offers students the chance to explore this fascinating culture and language under the guidance of instructors who are intimately familiar with the needs of North American foreign language learners.

Students gain a first exposure to Chinese society, and are able to advance to a basic proficiency level (and meet the general education foreign language competency requirement) in listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Involvement in ministry and service in the Chinese community in the Chicago area and participation in other on—and off—campus academic programs provides students with the opportunity to further develop their linguistic and intercultural skills.

Wheaton's Chinese Program launched the new Mandarin Chinese Major in fall 2018. We are excited to be able to offer students the Mandarin Chinese Major and the Mandarin Chinese Minor. Take a look at our wide-range of Mandarin Chinese courses

Mandarin Chinese Program