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Grant Dunnavan

Grant Dunnavan '21

"Memories litter my time at Wheaton. Late night talks in Fischer, IM soccer at the field, and singing in Glee Club come rushing to my mind. My goal as Junior Class Co-President is to attempt to provide that same treasure to the members of my class. Sometimes it is challenging to hear what each person wants, but that makes the opportunity to listen a much more important and impactful responsibility."

Erik Park

Erik Park '20

"In our day to day lives we live ‘Hot head - Cold body’ meaning we’re very much in our own heads all day in how we want to solve problems, but in our Workout acting ensemble meetings we try to clear our heads and have cold bodies. This way we can learn about each other without restraints and impulse in order to creatively understand and be in community with those around us. This has provided a space to unapologetically be me here at Wheaton. Being a part of Arena theater in both acting in shows and helping in the production of them through lights, sounds and more has allowed me to see a well rounded view of the theater and affirmed me as a member of this community."

Peter Lindia

Peter Lindia '20

"You don’t have to talk, just focus on the wall. As I started climbing I very quickly realized that it was one of the most restorative things for me to do. Something about being on a wall and having to use whatever strength or technique you can to get to the top is both exhausting and restful all at the same time. But the best part is the trust and relationship built by your friend on the ground who holds the rope and is there the whole time."

Kristi Demski

Kristi Demski '22

"I’m not even sure how to describe what Wheaton basketball has meant to me. I could never have imagined loving a team as much as I love our team. I think the best thing about Wheaton basketball is that it’s become a program that’s not just about playing basketball and being a teammate—it’s about building lifelong friendships."

Yehna Kim

Yehna Kim '21

"Studying special education in Wheaton has allowed me to see each individual, not just for what they do, but for who they are as a whole. It's been challenging for me to always look for the strengths in people, but I am constantly reminded that we are all created in God's image."

Anna Edwards

Anna Edwards '20

"Maybe I am done with dance, maybe I’m completely closing that chapter of my life…So, my first year here I thought I’m just gonna be all in on academics and just focus on that…"

Andy Holmberg

Andy Holmberg '21

"One of my favorite experiences at Wheaton is club Hockey. Through the ups and downs of my time here it has been moving to experience the support that I get from my team. Though my time at Wheaton hasn’t always been “easy,” God truly has grown and shown me His love through important experiences; these experiences I wouldn’t trade. In a similar way, my experience playing Hockey for Wheaton has shown and allowed me to love and serve others and myself better."

Kate Lee

Kate Lee '21

"Something I love about Wheaton is how it encourages holistic development. The CVC does such a great job in promoting this growth through meeting students where they're at and making sure they prepare students for post-grad life academically, relationally, and spiritually. I love being able to work with students on such an individual level and be able to watch this growth happen."