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Christ-Centered Diversity at Wheaton College

At Wheaton we believe that honoring God in everything we do includes honoring him in relationships that bring together people from different ethnic backgrounds. That's why we're committed to cultivating a diverse community of students, faculty and staff who reflect the wide spectrum of God's Kingdom.

As a community of believers learning to be guided by God’s Spirit in all areas of life, we recognize that seeking godly justice and unity in the Wheaton College community is an ongoing journey where understanding and harmony are sometimes marred by misunderstanding and discord. Yet we seek to honor Christ by diligently pursuing reconciliation and celebrating our oneness in him.

 Dr. Sheila Caldwell Chief Intercultural Engagement Officer
Dr. Sheila Caldwell Appointed Chief Intercultural Engagement Officer

Wheaton College President Dr. Philip Graham Ryken is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Sheila Caldwell as Wheaton’s first Chief Intercultural Engagement Officer. Dr. Caldwell's first day at Wheaton is June 11, 2018.

In The President’s Green Paper on the Mission, Context, and Direction of Wheaton College, Dr. Ryken discusses the ongoing need to grow a diverse student body that more accurately reflects the ethnic and socio-economic diversity of the United States and the worldwide body of Christ. "Far from being satisfied with how far we have come, we need to renew our long-term effort to increase the ethnic and cultural diversity of Wheaton College. The reason for this is not political, but biblical: insofar as possible, we seek to reflect the full diversity of the people of God as a visible expression of our unity in Christ and an effective means of preparation to advance the gospel worldwide."

Following the Green Paper Task Force Process, Wheaton’s Board of Trustees approved Deepening Ethnic Diversity as a strategic priority.  Monthly updates on this and other strategic priorities are available for further reading.

Recent Developments

Over the last year, Wheaton has taken the following steps toward deepening ethnic diversity on campus.

  • Dr. Sheila Caldwell appointed as the new Chief Intercultural Engagement Officer. Read more >
  • The College has met and exceeded its current campaign funding goal to provide scholarships for under-represented ethnic minorities. Learn more >
  • Rev. Dr. Samuel Rodriguez appointed to Wheaton College Board of Trustees. Read more >
  • The Blanchard Hall lobby, on the same spot where several African-American students of the fledgling Wheaton College met for classes and to worship more than 150 years ago, now features the art exhibit, Wrestle On, Jacob. The 26 lithographs, sketches, prints, engravings, and other works of art represent African-American experience during the Civil War and afterwards. Eight Wheaton professors have contributed essays to an exhibit catalog.
Racial reconciliation is an ongoing work of the Holy Spirit that requires patience, sacrifice, and persistence. So we continue to work hard to make Wheaton feel like home for students of every ethnicity. — Philip G. Ryken, President
Office of Multicultural Development Leadership Cabinet Wheaton College
Visit the Office of Multicultural Development

The Office of Multicultural Development provides programs and resources to the campus for students to be able to engage in conversations about diversity.


Diversity Matters: Race, Ethnicity and the Future of Higher Education

Diversity Matters Book Cover

Director of the Office of Multicultural Development Rodney Sisco, Dean of Student Care and Graduate Student Life Allison Ash, and Professor of Anthropology Dr. Brian Howell have each contributed chapters to Diversity Matters: Race, Ethnicity, and the Future of Christian Higher Education. Edited by Dr. Karen A. Longman of Azusa Pacific University in California, this book offers perspectives of more than twenty experts from across the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities on how campuses can be hospitable environments for all students.